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Piccadilly is a small neighbourhood located just north of the Woodfield neighbourhood in central London.  There is an eclectic mix of housing in the neighbourhood, ranging from large historic houses from the late 19th century, to post-war bungalows, to newer 20th Century homes.  There are also a few apartment buildings in the area.  The main commercial corridors are along the boundaries on Richmond, Oxford, and Adelaide Streets. There are two grocery stores in the area and a couple of local cafes.


Piccadilly Park is a central feature of the neighbourhood, and has beautiful tennis courts, a half basketball court, and multiple play structures.  Students in Piccadilly area attend St. George’s Public and St. Michael Catholic elementary schools, and Central, H.B. Beal, or Catholic Central secondary schools. The independent school Montessori Academy is located in the neighbourhood, along with many day care centres concentrated along Piccadilly Street between Wellington and Waterloo.


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Piccadilly Area Neighbourhood Association

The Piccadilly Area Neighbourhood Association has been in operation since the 1980s, with the goals of strengthening our community and ensuring the community’s voice is represented at City Hall.

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