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Your better, stronger London means more block parties, better playgrounds, safer streets and so much more. The City of London is excited to present NeighbourGood London, which has dozens of ways for you to connect and take action.

Meet the Neighbours

Meeting your neighbours doesn't have to be awkward or stressful. These programs make it easy to form connections that strengthen your neighbourhood and make life better for everyone. Knock knock ➜

Improve Street Safety

Safer streets start with strong communities. Form bonds with your neighbours and support improvements to increase your quality of life and  reach your neighbourhood's full potential. Street safety for the win ➜

Protect Our Environment

A clean environment means everyone is healthier. It increases property values. And means more outdoor quality time for you and your family. Get your green on ➜

Create New Opportunities

Great things happen to a neighbourhood when we work together. Organizing turns into innovation creating a better place to live for everyone. It's easier than you think ➜

Organize for a better neighbourhood

Give your neighbourhood a powerful, united voice and stand up for your community.

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There is strength in numbers, especially in neighbourhoods where change regularly happens that can affect you and your community’s quality of life. 

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The Neighbourhood Association Guide will help focus your ambitions, and maximize the potential that you see in your community.