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Fairmont is located in the southeast corner of the city at the junction of the Thames River and Pottersburg Creek.  These two water features play an important role in defining the boundaries and feel of the neighbourhood.


Hamilton Road is the main commercial corridor in the neighbourhood. There are also many businesses located at the intersection of Trafalgar at Highbury.  The residential area is dominated by single detached homes, bungalows, side splits, some duplexes and row housing.   


The neighbourhood is home to Fairmont Park, which contains a large oak forest with a great walking path cutting through it. Kiwanis Park South also lines the eastern edge of the neighbourhood with a walking and cycling path connecting to the Thames Valley Parkway to the south.  Near the river is the Pottersburg Off-Leash Dog Park.


Fairmont is home to the Bob Hayward Branch of the YMCA and Fairmont, Tweedsmuir, and St. Bernadette elementary schools.


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Argyle Community Association

The Fairmont neighbourhood is included in the boundaries of the Argyle Community Association (ACA), which represents the common interests of the residents of the Argyle area.  They promote the wellbeing of the community and the City of London, and protect and improve the quality of life.

Hamilton Road

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