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Midtown is the area centred along Dundas St. between the Downtown core and Old East Village.  The majority of residents in the neighbourhood live in three storey walk-ups or high-rise apartment buildings.  There are also a number of large homes built in the late 19th and early 20th century, most of which have been converted into businesses or apartments.  The area is largely commercial, with many shops, services and restaurants located on the Dundas Street business corridor. The London Police Service headquarters is located in the neighbourhood at the corner of Dundas and Adelaide Streets.


There are two large secondary schools in the Midtown neighbourhood that attract students from across the city, Catholic Central and H.B. Beal.  Students living in the area may attend St. George’s Public or St. Michael Catholic elementary schools.  


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The Midtown District

The Midtown District is a new group just getting started. Connect with them if you want to get involved.

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