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SoHo, which stands for South of Horton, is a neighbourhood located just south of Downtown London.  There is an eclectic mix of housing styles, including Victorian homes, early 20th century single detached homes, and some mid-rise apartment buildings. The main commercial area is along Wellington and Horton streets with a wide range of shops, services and restaurants.  Victoria Hospital was formerly a major element of the SoHo neighbourhood. Decommissioned and mostly demolished in 2014/2015, the remaining heritage buildings and vacant lands await redevelopment.


SoHo’s location on the Thames River gives residents great access to the Thames Valley Parkway and the beautiful natural environment at Richard B. Harrison Park and Hill Street Park. Meredith Park is located in the centre of the neighbourhood and features a wading pool, tennis and basketball courts, a play structure and swing set, and a community garden.  


There is one school in SoHo: Aberdeen Public School.  Students may also attend Holy Cross and Holy Rosary Catholic schools, and Tecumseh Public School.  High school-aged students attend Catholic Central, London South, H.B. Beal, or Central secondary schools.


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SoHo Community Association

The SoHo Community Association is an organization of engaged citizens dedicated to strengthening SoHo and promoting it as a great neighbourhood to live, work, and play in.

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