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Cleardale is a small neighbourhood in the south end of London.  It is mostly filled with single detached homes, with some duplexes, condo complexes, and a few apartment buildings. The dwellings were generally built in the 1980s. The main commercial corridor is Southdale, from Wharncliffe to Wellington. This area is not far from White Oaks Mall and the beautiful Westminster Ponds.


The neighbourhood is home to Cleardale Public School, Cleardale Park and the Earl Nichols Recreation Centre and park.  Highland Woods Park, with its amazing nature trail is just on the other side of Ferndale Avenue. Highland Country Club is also close by.    


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Cleardale Highland Community Association

Cleardale Highland Community Association formed in 2018. They have regular meetings and have organized a few different events so far. Do you live in the area? Check out their Facebook page and get involved!

White Oaks

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