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Woodfield is a historic neighbourhood in Central London, just northeast of downtown.  There are many historic houses in Woodfield, some of which date from the 1840s and most were built between the late 1800s and early 1900s.  There are also a few more recently built townhouses and mid- and high-rise apartment buildings.  Woodfield is located within walking distance to the Downtown, Richmond Row, and Old East Village shopping districts.  


Victoria Park, London’s main downtown park, is located in Woodfield. It is a great place to find nature within the downtown area, hosts many large festivals in the summer and has festive lights and an outdoor skating rink in the winter. Across from Victoria park is London City Hall, as well as Centennial Hall, a concert and entertainment venue.  


There are two schools in Woodfield.  Central Secondary School, located right beside London City Hall, and Lord Roberts French Immersion Elementary School.  Students also attend St. George’s Public School, St. Michael Catholic Elementary School, and Catholic Central Secondary School.


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Woodfield Community Association

The Woodfield Community Association is strong and vibrant and organizes many events, including a Plant Exchange, a Harvest Festival, old-fashioned Christmas caroling in the streets, and the Historic Woodfield Street Fair.

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